Still Seeing I.T. as a Cost?

Why Not Strategize Your IT?

If you see IT as little more than a costly service to your business, you’re not alone. but you are missing something…


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Your IT is the nervous system that runs throughout your business.  When IT doesn’t work, neither does anything else.  Let us take care of your technology so you can get on with what you do best!


What We Do

Our systems look after your systems, watching for signs of trouble.  Trouble could be anything from a dying device to a ransomware attack.

Our AI triages problems, taking all the necessary steps to ensure your business can keep running.

Often, it can remediate issues on its own.  If it can’t, it alerts an engineer to take care of it for you.

We manage your IT from top to bottom, at strategic and operational levels, assessing, monitoring, and responding to risks.

Using state-of-the-art enterprise-level technology, and modern IT management techniques, we drive down the cost of support to a bare minimum – an average 60% reduction.

Our services include top-of-the-range, centrally managed remote monitoring, cybersecurity, and data protection.

We can even monitor user behaviour and provide tools and training to minimise threats inside your business.

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Our Services

Centralised Services

These are cloud-managed services that can monitor your hardware, software and users, and provide documentation and training.

Technical Support

When an alert is generated by Centralised Services, the system alerts an engineer. Users can also contact us through the helpdesk.

Managed Security

We use only the very best cybersecurity tools to ward off attackers and prevent data loss.

Data Protection

Data is stored on-premises for speed of recovery, and in the cloud for extra security and peace of mind.

Strategic Management

Great management at all levels within a business means technology does not fall apart when you least expect it.

Process Automation

A good business has well-defined processes. Our virtual Business Process Managers are here to help with your IT efficiency.


Conformance to standards aids best practice, taking the guesswork out of knowing how to use your IT productively.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

In the unfortunate event of a disaster such as fire, flood or ransomware attack, excellent planning can save the day.

Technology Alignment

Our virtual Technology Alignment Professionals ensure that your IT goals align with your business goals and that your business has aligned standards.

Fully Managed SOC

Coming soon is our 24/7/365, fully managed Security Operations Centre. It offers small businesses enterprise-level protection, monitoring and auditing of security events at a realistic price-point.

Full Fibre Business Broadband

We can now offer dedicated fibre, leased-lines to businesses across the North East of England.

VOIP Systems

We can supply cloud-based Voice Over IP services, including handsets and desk phones.

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With hundreds of happy clients and some great projects undertaken, our team is growing to help more UK businesses strategize their IT.

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Unlike “break-fix” and traditional MSPs, our own revenue is only loosely coupled to the support function.  This means that we can easily afford to deliver on the promise to drive down the time (and money) spent on the Support component of our offering.  Only through 


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