"We help accountancy practices to achieve a 10% increase in utilisation within 12 months, without breaking a sweat, so everyone can go home on time!"

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"InfraZen provides a great IT management framework" - Ian Warrender, Warrender Technical Solutions Ltd

How We Help Your Business Rock!

InfraZen is a modern IT Managed Service Provider.  We work with you to develop an IT strategy which generates revenue so you get a return on your tech investment.

Our systems look after your systems, watching for signs of trouble.  Trouble could be anything from a dying device to a ransomware attack.

Our AI triages problems, taking all the necessary steps to ensure your business can keep running. It can remediate most issues on its own.  If it can’t, it alerts an engineer to take care of it for you.

With modern IT management techniques and state-of-the-art enterprise-level technology, we drive down the cost of support to a bare minimum – an average 60% reduction.

Our services include top-of-the-range, centrally managed remote monitoring, cybersecurity, and data protection. We can even monitor user behaviour and provide tools and training to minimise threats inside your business.

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Unlike “break-fix” shops and traditional MSPs, our own revenue is only loosely coupled to the support function.  This means that we can easily afford to deliver on the promise to drive down the time (and money) spent on the support component of our offering.

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