Unmasking MSP Weaknesses: A Must-read for Professionals

Accountancy practice


The Managed Service Provider (MSP) model has gained popularity in recent years, offering businesses outsourced IT support and management. However, this report sheds light on the deficiencies within this model, focusing on proactivity, conflict of interest, risk management, proactive IT support, and cost reduction. Accountants, who play a crucial role in financial decision-making, need to be aware of these deficiencies for effective business management.

  1. Lack of Proactivity:

    The MSP model often falls short in delivering proactive IT support, which is crucial for preventing potential issues and minimizing downtime. This deficiency poses a significant risk to accountants who heavily rely on uninterrupted access to their systems and data.

  2. Conflict of Interest:

    One of the major drawbacks of the MSP model is the potential conflict of interest that arises when the provider is responsible for both proactive support and reactive issue resolution. This conflict compromises the impartiality and effectiveness of the MSP’s decision-making process, potentially leading to biased recommendations and compromised risk management.

  3. Inadequate Risk Management:

    Effective risk management is essential for accountants, who handle sensitive financial information. However, the MSP model often overlooks comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation strategies, leaving accountants vulnerable to potential security breaches, data loss, and regulatory non-compliance.

  4. Applied Relevance to Accountants:
    Given the critical role of accountants in financial management, it is imperative to address the deficiencies in the MSP model and ensure its applied relevance. Accountants require tailored IT solutions that prioritize risk management, data security, and regulatory compliance to safeguard their clients’ financial information effectively.


The deficiencies in the MSP model, particularly in terms of proactivity, conflict of interest, and risk management, pose significant challenges for accountants. To address these shortcomings, it is crucial for accountancy practices to ask the right questions about how their prospective MSP’s address the deficiencies in the model.  Alternative models are few and far between in the UK, but ZenCore Fusion by InfraZen is one.  Find out more by talking to us at InfraZen.

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