Why Should You Choose Me, an INTJ?

Game of Chess

Well, let’s see what chatGPT has to say on the subject of the INTJ as defined in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality profiling system:

1. Mastermind Planners: INTJs are like chess players in the game of life. They’re always ten moves ahead, plotting world domination, or at the very least, project domination. They’ll probably have your coffee order predicted before you even know what you want.

2. Problem Swatting: Got a problem? An INTJ will have it figured out before you can say “what just happened?”. They might even invent a new mathematical theorem in the process. You’re welcome, science.

3. Lone Rangers of Productivity: INTJs are like business ninjas. They work silently, independently, and probably have a cool soundtrack playing in their heads while they’re at it. They’re basically the dream come true for any manager tired of hand-holding.

4. Efficiency Fanatics: INTJs don’t just dislike inefficiency. They’re the mortal enemy of it. If inefficiency were a vampire, INTJs would be Van Helsing. Your processes will be so streamlined, they could win an Olympic gold in luge.

5. Cool-headed Logicians: Emotion in decision making? Pssh, not for INTJs. They’re as unbiased as a robotic judge. Just without the cold metal exterior.

6. Perfection Pursuers: Think your old college professor was a tough grader? Wait till you meet an INTJ. They’ve got standards so high, you’ll need an oxygen mask.

7. Organizers Extraordinaire:** Disorganization makes an INTJ itch. Give them chaos, and they’ll give you a color-coded, alphabetized, and time-stamped plan. They could probably sort a bag of M&Ms by the serial numbers.

So, if you ever want to plan an efficient, problem-free project while having time for a coffee (which they’ve already ordered for you), get an INTJ on your team!

I’ve taken five Myers-Briggs tests over the course of my career.  I know myself very well, and I know that it’s a pretty 

And there you have it;

My personality served up to you, to best serve your business using the best IT to provide the ultimate solution to the problem.  That’s why I was courted by the best financial and software development institutions in the world.

It took 30+ years of experience and developed wisdom to get to where I am now. Yes, I’m proud of my achievements and hope they can benefit your business too.

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